Unmatched Service

No longer do you have to experience the frustrations of providing Spiritwear to your school’s students, parents and community.  No longer do you have to guess at how many shirts and how many in each size you need.  No longer are you frustratingly tabulating order forms!  No longer do you and your volunteers have to spend numerous hours sorting, folding, bagging and distributing spiritwear.  No longer do you have to be stuck with left over merchandise that ends up costing you money $$$$.

Custom Sportswear’s full service Spiritwear program eliminates all of these risks, headaches and frustrations!!

Here are just a few things that make us different than anyone you have worked with in the past or are currently working with:

  • We do not require a budget or up-front money, you will not have to manage inventory and hope to sell everything that you purchase.
  • We do not have any minimum orders when running our program, this means that you can offer a full line of spiritwear and not just tee shirts.  Many schools only offer Tee shirts because it is very costly to bring in Tie Dyes, Sweatshirts, Camo Tees, etc. With our program you can offer a full spiritwear line at absolutely no risk.
  • We do all of the dirty work.  We will provide you with order forms for every student and staff member, we will provide you with posters to help promote your spiritwear sale, we give you a free sample of your spiritwear to show off to the kids and so the parents can see exactly what they will be purchasing
  • We will tabulate the entire order, print everything up, fold and individually bag each order and organize them by Grade, Classroom and student.  That means when the spiritwear arrives, you will simply open the boxes and pass everything out.  No more folding, sorting, packing, storing inventory, no left over merchandise that ends up costing you money.
  • Our prices are all inclusive. That means that there are no additional charges or fees for anything!!  No SHIPPING Charges, no screen fees, no set-up fees, no custom art charges, NOTHING!!

Don’t take our word for it…check out some of our GOOGLE reviews & testimonials to see what our customers are saying.