Top Tips for Spiritwear Success – Vol. 1

Pull Off Your Best Spiritwear Sale Ever With Our Top Tips for Success

Making your next spiritwear sale an overwhelming success isn’t as hard as you think. It actually comes down to the age-old advice of keeping things short, sweet and simple. With that in mind, here are three more tips to ensure a successful spiritwear sale:

Tip #1: Remember Your Audience.  
While the adults are doing the purchasing, the merchandise primarily winds up in the hands of the students, so think about what would be popular with the young crowd when choosing which items to offer.  Staple items like Pullover Hoodies, Tie Dye Tees and Short Sleeve Cotton Tees are typically the most popular and best selling items.


Tip #2: Keep Your Program Short. 
While you might be tempted to run an extended sale or even a sale that lasts all school year long, our experience shows that a TWO WEEK sale is the optimal time frame for creating urgency and getting maximum participation from your families.  Extended and year round sales actually receive less orders, require more of your attention and have higher costs than a 2-week Program.  We know this because we’ve offered Spiritwear to schools in every way imaginable, from 3-day programs to year-round sales and based on our experience and the feedback from our customers over the past 40 years, it was clear that 2-weeks was the ideal duration for a successful Spiritwear program.  clock


Tip #3: Avoid Post-Sale Inventory with a Pre-Order Program. 

Gone are the days of playing guessing games with sizes and quantities with advance, bulk orders. Custom Sportswear has convenient and fast pre-order programs that allow your families to order exactly what they want without any leftover inventory or wasted budget for you to deal with. We even provide custom samples and full color online stores so they can see the merchandise in advance and get a feel for sizing.  Not to mention the amount of time you’re going to save yourself and your volunteers with a Pre-Order Program!
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Our programs are specially designed to be easy to manage and highly successful.

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