Top Tips for Spiritwear Success – Vol. 2

3 More Tips For Your School’s Fall Spiritwear Campaign…

With all the excitement and stress surrounding the start of a new school year, it can feel like the best and worst time for your annual fall spiritwear campaign. We’ve been helping schools like yours plan successful and stress-free spiritwear and field day events for over 40 years and, during that time, we’ve gathered a few tips along the way that are sure to make your campaign its most successful yet:

#1 If You Haven’t Started Already, Plan Your Program Now.

Group decision-making can be time-consuming, especially when trying to coordinate everyone’s busy schedules. Get your stakeholders together, either in-person or virtually, and start reviewing your options so you have time to finalize your decisions and get your program in place.

#2 Run Your Program Early.

Programs that start earlier in the year tend to have a better success rate since they capitalize on that initial excitement of returning to school. You can also leverage events like back-to-school, open houses and parent/teacher conferences to drive sales.

#3 Partner with a Reliable Supplier.

Supply chains across all industries have been interrupted and spiritwear is no different. Before committing to a vendor, confirm that they can fill your order in a time frame that works for you and your families.  Check out our blog post regarding supply chain issues related to the school spiritwear and screen printing industry.  

Now’s the time to get your Fall spiritwear campaign underway. Our programs are specially designed to be easy to manage and highly successful.

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