Pull Off Your Best Field Day T-Shirt Sale Ever – Vol. 1

Pull Off Your Best Ever Field Day T-Shirt Sale With Our Top 3 Tips for Success

Oh, and Make Sure Everyone Has Fun in the Process!


Field Day is one of the most exciting days of the school year for students and one of the most popular ways of enhancing the event is to offer custom field day t-shirts to your students, staff and volunteers.  Whether t-shirts have been a part of your field day plans for years or you’re offering them for the first time, below are a few helpful tips that we’ve compiled over 40+ years of working with elementary schools on successful Field Day events.

Tip #1: Choose a Fun Design.

Remember your audience. While the adults are doing the purchasing, the shirts are worn by your students, so think about what would be popular with the young crowd when choosing your design and/or theme.  Kids love bright colors and big animated designs.  Check out our design library for some ideas and examples.


Tip #2: Bright Colors, Varied By Team.
In the spirit of remembering your audience, use bright-colored t-shirts. Assigning a different color for each grade (or team) level helps keep the kids organized on the day of the event and also fosters a cooperative team atmosphere.


Tip #3: Plan Early.
Field Day always seems to sneak up on us quickly after returning from the holiday break and with so much planning involved for the big day it is critical to start planning early. T-shirts are one of those items you can get out of the way early, so take advantage.  If you work with a full-service field day t-shirt company you can pretty much “set it and forget it” until your sale starts. If tackling the shirts on your own, you’ll want to secure the volunteers you need and be sure to communicate frequently with your chosen vendors to help reduce the chances of having to deal with production issues that can arise when its time to fulfill your order.

Bonus Tip: HAVE FUN!

Smiles are infectious! When you’re excited the students can’t help but be excited too. And at the end of the day it’s the kids that you’re doing this for, so have fun and enjoy yourself and they will too. 

All of us here at Custom Sportswear hope your Field Day is an amazing success and that all of your students have an absolute BLAST! If you’re interested in learning how we’ve helped make field day shirts easy, organized and successful for thousands of schools just like yours, please give us a call today.