Field Day Stores

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Custom Sportswear offers Online Field Day Stores as part of our program.  Online stores offer your parents and staff the convenience of ordering their field day gear online at any time during your chosen sale dates.

Here is how it works………….

•  Choose a design

•  Choose the items & colors you want to make available

•  Decide how much you want to sell the items for. (Some schools sell them at cost; others add a mark-up to earn guaranteed profits on every product sold.  The choice is yours!)

•  Select your sale dates

Once the details for your sale have been finalized your dedicated Field Day Specialist will create custom order forms for the entire school and build your online store. You will receive all of the materials you’ll need to run a successful sale; (order forms, reminder order forms, color posters, free printed sample).  Best of all, when your sale ends we will tabulate your order for you, print everything up, individually fold & bag each order and organize them by grade, classroom & student. Your final order arrives at the school organized and ready for distribution!  Whether someone orders online or on a paper form it will be seamlessly packaged and organized with the rest of the orders.

Unlike with other Vendors, you are never on your own when working with Custom Sportswear.  We have a team of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced Field Day Specialists to help you every step of the way.  Your dedicated Specialist will work with you from Start to Finish to ensure that your program is Easy, Organized and Successful! Call or click today if you have any questions or to get started!

*Custom Sportswear will build, manage and maintain your online store at no charge to the School or Volunteer Group (PTA/PTO/PTC/PTSA, Etc.).  You will have access to free promotional tools built into the stores (facebook & twitter posts & email automation).  You will also be able to view and track the orders in your online store.  
*Please note that there is a service fee at checkout, paid by the end customer.  This service fee is not a fee that goes to Custom Sportwear, it covers credit card processing fees charged by the banks and the technology fees charged by the online ordering platform OMG (OrderMyGear).  We recommend offering both online and paper ordering.  Paper order forms are provided at no cost and are not subject to the online ordering service fee.