About Us

Established in 1982, Custom Sportswear, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. During that 41 year period, we have developed a unique full service Spiritwear and Field Day program specifically designed for Elementary and Middle schools. Custom Sportswear has conducted over 40,000 programs since its inception. By listening to our customers and taking their advice, our program has been developed to eliminate most of the work and ALL OF THE RISK normally associated with this type of program. Our customers enjoy the fun part of the Spiritwear sale without having to involve themselves with the work details. With our full service program, we like to say ,”WE DO ALL THE WORK AND YOU HAVE ALL THE FUN!”

Custom Sportswear has a tremendous number of longstanding customer relationships in local communities all across the USA. Our relationships with the US Armed Forces has even taken our Spiritwear to schools on bases in Germany, Bahrain. Japan & South Korea.

Specializing in Elementary and Middle schools, we are the market maker and market leader in providing full service Spiritwear and Field Day programs. See what our customers are saying about us.

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